June 15, 2014

Kim and Mike Bailey's 25th Anniversary Celebration

Kim and Mike Bailey's 25th Anniversary Celebration
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 15, 2014

It was a pretty eventful weekend.  On Friday night, the boys went to a movie with some friends so I took Miss Sheri to Mystic Lake Casino to play some slot machines.  We were sitting close to the stage playing a game when suddenly an announcer case on to introduce a really cool DJ and the Mystic Dancers.  We enjoyed listening to their music and watching the ladies dance and played our game for awhile.  We were getting close to being finished and going home when the announcer said something that perked up my ears.  He said "Soon, we're going to invite up 7 people to be contestants in our dance competition!"   Since I can never pass up a challenge to go up on stage, I ran up to the guy to volunteer.  He said I was in and had me sign a waiver.  The next thing I know I'm mentally preparing myself to compete with 6 other people in a dance competition.  Here's what happened next:

On Saturday night, we had the honor of joining an incredible couple in celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.  Kim and Mike Bailey are an extremely generous and loving couple who have always been so nice to our family.  They had a ton of friends and family join them for the event and it was just an awesome time.  Congratulations, Kim and Mike!

Kim is of course the eldest sibling in the Hornbuckle Clan and also the best looking.  By a long shot!

Cher was in town for a concert and stopped by to wish the couple well and sing a few songs for the audience.  The lovely lady is aging quite gracefully.  Although she should probably dress just a little bit more modestly.  My wife told me to stop taking her picture after only 15-20 shots.  It's not my fault it was taking so long to get just the right angle!

The party lasted well into the evening.  By the time we left, we were all a little bit sore from so much boogieing.  But it was well worth it.

On Sunday, I went to church with my favorite sons to celebrate Father's Day.  I was still stinging a bit from a Friday night Facebook post where people told me a shirt I was wearing looked like an old man shirt.  So for church, I decided to wear my favorite yellow shirt which I thought showed a lot of flair.  Then at church, I met a man in his eighties who was wearing almost the exact same shirt as me.  I guess I really do need to re-think my wardrobe.  Either that or sign up for an AARP card and just resign myself to the fact that I'm an old man.

We bought a new basketball hoop this week because we broke the old one.  This one is fun because we can easily change the height on it from 6 to 10 feet.  Sadly, I still can't dunk it at 6 feet.  Although I'm told it's fun to watch me try.

We only went out on the boat one time this week because we've had so much rain lately, Prior Lake is under No Wake restrictions.  Meaning you can't go over a few miles per hour which bores the tears out of my sons.  And is still a little bit too wild for Grandma Linda's tastes.

Our bird friends are still all over the island in Mud Bay.  Their babies appear to be getting bigger as mama looked to be feeding them.  Either that or they're just all gathered around in the nest playing poker or something.

Sunny doesn't care that Prior Lake is under No Wake restrictions.  He's gonna jump in it anyways!

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