December 18, 2016

The Swank Family 2016 Christmas Letter

It’s Time to Make Christmas Great Again!

This year celebrates 25 years of Sheri and Todd as a couple.  Todd has driven this woman crazy for a quarter of a century.  We started dating July 27, 1991.  In that same year the Minnesota Twins won the World Series, the Dow passed 3000 for the first time, Silence of the Lambs won Best Picture, and Donald Trump proposed to Marla Maples.  Our love has outlasted the President’s!  So we got that going for us.  Which is nice.

We are feeling pretty reflective this year.  Our twin sons, Luke and Avery turned 17 and are graduating in the spring. Luke plans to attend Mankato to study business.  Avery has been accepted to the University of Minnesota College of Science & Engineering.  He’s waiting to hear from UW Madison before deciding. He's a whiz at programming and will study computer science.  It's going to be so weird for us being empty nesters.  We will finally be able to walk around the house in our birthday suits again!  The Dominos guy is going to be so excited.

Luke and Avery both earned the rank of Eagle Scout this year and have been heavily involved in the high school robotics program.  We are so proud of them.    They also played on the Ping Pong team, but we’re kind of embarrassed about that.

Todd is still selling enterprise software for Oracle.  Emails are Todd’s life.  He is so constantly overloaded with them that it’s rare for him to do anything else.  Sheri even bought her own Christmas presents this year.  She asked Todd if he wanted to know what he’s getting her and he said No, he’d rather be surprised on Christmas morning.

Sheri is still putting the rest of us to shame with her work ethic.  This year, she re-built our porch and dug a massive drainage ditch throughout our yard.  Todd asked her once if she ever fantasizes about him.
She said “Yes.  I fantasize about you taking out the trash.”

Our two Golden Retrievers are still the most active members of our house.  Old man Sunny and Baby Blue really love each other as they prove to us every day.  They play this game where one of them pretends to be sick while the other climbs on his back and tries to push him to the hospital.  It’s pretty cute.

Our goals for 2017 are to lose weight, get rich, get famous, and solve world hunger.  Either those goals or we will binge watch every episode of Breaking Bad.  We never watched that series and hear good things. 

God Bless Us Everyone!

The Swank Family

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