August 12, 2012

Prior Lake Lakefront Days 2012

Prior Lake Lakefront Days 2012

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for August 12, 2012

It was the weekend for Prior Lake Lakefront Days!  
Time for a Party!

So we loaded up the family in the mini van and headed across the pond to the Festival of Joy!

Friday night featured the Old Car Show!  And this Old Car Guy was on an Old Car Phone.  Must have needed a heckuva long extension cord back in those days to actually use it!

Then we sat and watched the talent show for awhile.  There are so many good singers in Prior Lake!  I keep telling my family that one of these years we're going to perform in this thing, but they keep talking me out of it.  If only I could sing, I'd go up there and do it by myself!

On Saturday, we dropped the boys off for Boy Scout Camp and then drove over to the parade to support our old friend, Tom Wolf, who's running for Scott County Commissioner again.  He's a real good guy!!  Plus, he gave us these awesome shirts and let us walk alongside him in the parade!  I couldn't ask for anything more on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon!

Tom's wife, Kellie, worked from the trailer to coordinate us volunteers to hand out pamphlets and point out where we needed to go.  I'm sure glad she did, because I'm one of those people who need lots of guidance!

Tom did an incredible job at working the crowd and introducing himself to as many people as he possibly could.  He sure made me want to vote for him!

After the parade, Miss Sheri and I thought it would be a good idea to take a helicopter ride over Prior Lake.

I couldn't remember if we left the garage door open or not and figured this would be the quickest way to verify.  Thankfully, we had closed it when we left the house that morning.

Prior Lake seems a lot bigger from the air than it does from the water.  I really liked riding over the lake this way and just wish my boys could have been there as well.  I would have loved pulling them on their tube behind this thing!

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