December 2, 2012

Middle School Robotics Prep 2012

Middle School Robotics Prep 2012

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for December 2, 2012

The boys have been spending most of their free time lately working on building their robot for the upcoming middle school robotics tournament that will take place at Prior Lake High School.

Their teammate, Thomas, realized that a letter in each one of their names spelled a really cool word and thus Team S.W.A.T. was born!

Luke requested the opportunity to introduce their robot to the other teams this year.  He didn't say a whole bunch, but I always get nervous when that kid has a microphone in his hand.  You never know what's going to spill out of his mouth!

Most of our meeting's lately are taking place at Jackson's house.

Mainly because Jackson and his parents built a test track in their basement which gives the boys an opportunity to practice driving.  And they need lots of practice driving!

This year's competition takes a lot of balls.  

I'm glad Dan is willing to help the boys when they use power tools.  Not because I don't trust the boys with them, but because I don't trust myself with them!

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