March 10, 2013

Prior Lake 8th Grade Band 2013

Prior Lake 8th Grade Band 2013
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for March 10, 2013

This winter we have spent lots of time attending a variety of Middle School Band Concerts as Luke and Avery are part of the 8th grade pep band and the Middle School Honor Band in Prior Lake.  As you can see by the expression on their faces, they get so excited every time they have the chance to perform!

Avery plays the trombone.

While Luke plays Percussion.

Mainly because we think it's fun watching him trying to move the largest instruments from one part of the room to the other.

In the past several weeks, the boys have played in Gymnasiums....



...And more Gymnasiums.

They've also had the opportunity to perform alongside some interesting characters like this lady and her husband who each played the Alp-horn!  It was kind of embarrassing, though, because every time they started playing, Miss Sheri stood on the top of her chair and bellowed "Ricola!"  It sounded a lot like this.

We love it when the boys perform because it gives us reasons to take their pictures!  I'm not sure if they love this, though.

Even when I'm completely on the other side of the gymnasium and using the mega-zoom feature of my camera, Avery somehow still knows what I'm up to.

But every now and then, they forget we're out there and we actually catch them smiling.  Which makes all of the hours and hours that we have to listen to them practice worth it.  Kind of...

Here's a video clip of their performance:

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