December 15, 2013

Prior Lake sure is frozen early this year!

Prior Lake sure is frozen early this year!
Todd Swank' Diary Entry for December 15, 2013

Minnesota has become really cold really early in the season.  The thermometer has been saying 10 - 15 below zero, but the wind chill gets us closer to 25 below.  Now in Dallas, Texas where my sisters live, the whole city shuts down for a week when they get a little snow.  In Minnesota, we don't shut down for nothing!  As the boys discovered when they had to work their shift at the Boy Scout Christmas tree lot when it was 10 below zero!!  They learned the phrase, "It's a cold night, but we got Hot Deals on Christmas Trees!

Because it's been so cold, Sunny has been feeling neglected.  He doesn't get to go outside for walks much when we don't want to tackle sub-zero temperatures.  So he's forced to just lay on the couch and cuddle his teddy bear all day.

When I saw that it warmed up to a balmy 17 degrees on Saturday, I asked Sunny if he was ready to go play ball.  I didn't have to ask twice as he practically trampled me to get to the door, get outside, and play in the snow.  I was surprised to find that the lake was pretty frozen already and there was a ton of activity going on with people ice fishing and snowmobiling.  I guess not everybody likes to stay inside when it's freezing cold out!

On Thursday night, we took Grandma Linda to Mystic Steak House to celebrate her 71st birthday.  My mama is all grown up now!!

Avery is now way taller than Grandma and we keep waiting for Luke to get there also.  He's so darned close!!  Just a few more months of Grandma shrinking and it will be done!

On Saturday night, Avery and his friend, Sabrina, went to the Sadie Hawkins Dance at Prior Lake High School.  I have no idea what the Superman shirts were all about, but supposedly it was socially acceptable to be dressed like this when they arrived.

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