February 2, 2014

Minneapolis Boat Show 2014

Minneapolis Boat Show 2014
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for February 2, 2014

On Saturday night, we connected with our buddies the Zitzewitz Family and headed to downtown Minneapolis for the 2014 Minneapolis Boat Show at the Convention Center.  
There were boats there.

Karl and Luke were really excited when they arrived.  
They like boats.

This was the biggest boat at the show at 46 feet.  It had a list price of $900,000 but the salesperson told me they'd let it go for closer to $700,000.  I was excited to hear that he was willing to dicker.

This boat said it could sleep 6 people, but Luke thought they were underestimating that a bit.

Anna was excited when I pulled out my camera because she's been working on her "Cheese" face.

I bumped into my old co-worker Tony Jelinek and his wife, Deb.  They were there buying a boat so I told the salesperson that he was really rich and not to feel obligated to give him a lower price.  I'm sure he appreciated that.

Luke and I were really excited when we found a hybrid Jet Ski and ATV vehicle for only $42,000.  Karl then pointed out to me that we could get a much nicer Jetski AND a much nicer ATV for a lot less money.  That Karl sure is wise.

We look good standing next to the Progressive Insurance lady.

Sunny is completely fed up with the cold weather in Minnesota and has begun demanding that we dress him in people clothes until it starts to warm up a bit.  I just hope he doesn't stretch out my shirts too much.

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