August 2, 2014

Luke Swank Has Second Run-In With The Cops In Past 2 Weeks!

Luke Swank Has Second Run-In With The Cops In Past 2 Weeks!
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for 8/2/14

Luke received his driver's permit two weeks ago on the day he turned 15.  His mother has been taking him and his brother driving every day since for practice.  Luke looks young.  On the second day of having his permit, somebody called the police and said "a 10 year old is driving a van!"  The police came to our house to check it out.  Everyone had a laugh and the cops left our house.

Yesterday, the boys wanted to take our dog, Sunny, to the dog park.  Luke claimed privilege to be the one to drive by exclaiming "I'm driving!"  Then he looked at his mother and said with a grin, "Dang, it feels good to say that!"

The boys have a rule that when one of them is driving the other will sit in the back and NOT TALK.  This rule doesn't always get followed.

Luke pulled up to a stop sign and the sheriff drove by Luke.  I don't think he noticed him on the first pass, but Luke was turning in a different direction and had to drive by the sheriff again.  This time he gave Luke a long look.  We knew we were in trouble when he switched directions and started following Luke for the next two miles to the dog park.

Here's the video we took next:

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