September 14, 2014

Hitachi Intros 10-TB Hard Drives, NVMe SSDs

Capacity growth and the need to look at how to cut the cost of long-term storage is driving companies like HGST and Seagate to develop such high-capacity hard drives, said Todd Swank, director of product marketing at Equus Computer Systems, a Minneapolis-based system builder. 

"Capacity is just crazy," Swank told CRN. "Everyone is talking about cold storage. If I were in the tape business, I'd be worried. Our SMB resellers are not looking at that much capacity yet, but our direct customers are talking a lot about capacity." 

All storage component manufacturers are following the cloud, Swank said. "These high-capacity drives are perfect for cloud environments," he said. "Tape was nice, and served this market for years, but now customers are looking at hard drives." 

Swank said he is not surprised to see HGST talk about NVMe, given the release this week of Intel's new processors known as Grantley, which consist of the E5-2600 v3 and E5-1600 v3 processors. 

"We're putting the new Intel processors in commercial storage solutions," he said. "Because of the Intel news, customers are actively talking about NVMe for the best performance."

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