January 11, 2015

Winter Time Fun Down On The Farm

Winter Time Fun Down On The Farm
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 11, 2015

We hadn't had a chance to visit Grandma Haack for Christmas yet, so we drove down to the farm for a January celebration.  It's always great to see her even if it was for just a short visit.

They'd been getting some snow lately so Uncle Jerry pulled out the tractor to pile it up.  We like to roll around in snow and he was ready to accommodate.

He also got out the 4 wheeler so we could drive over the snow as well.  We'd been having temperatures with windchill this week at about 30 below zero, but on Saturday it was a balmy 12 degrees.  Kind of cold on the cheeks when driving, but not too bad.

Luke had fun driving his cousin around the farm while dodging dogs which makes for an extra challenge.

Avery figured out how to leave the dogs in his dust!  Or snow flakes....I guess there really wasn't any dust that could be lifted.

All in all, it was a good day.  Even if it was cold.

I even had the chance to drive to nearby Canton, SD to see my step sister Martha and Dean.  I hadn't seen her for awhile so it was nice to get a chance to catch up on things.  She has a new dog named Charly who was awful sweet.

I also was excited to see her son, Ryan Todd.  He is doing great and was recently accepted to a school in California where he will be studying to become a diesel mechanic.  We're so proud of him!  Way to go, Ryan!

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