March 29, 2015

Intel Acquisition Of Altera Would Further Drive It Into IoT

Todd Swank, senior director of product marketing at Equus Computer Systems, a Minnetonka, Minn.-based system builder, said buying Altera would be a great move for Intel, particularly as the vendor looks to take more steps to capitalize on the rising Internet of Things opportunity.

Swank said that while Intel continues to be a leader on the client side of the PC business, the excitement for channel partners is around the Internet of Things. This will allow them to play both sides of the field, he said.

"Intel continues to be a leader in that space and this is a really interesting move for them. ... I think Intel is smart, they know where the marketplace is going, they know where technology is going," Swank said. 

"They're a leader in the space right now, but I think an acquisition like this is going to help them leapfrog where they are today. Bringing the two organizations together is just going to be a win-win for Intel's partners and customers to be prepared for the new devices coming."

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