August 16, 2015

Minnesota Twins vs Cleveland Indians

Minnesota Twins vs Cleveland Indians
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for August 16, 2015

Now that we have two new drivers in the house, we figured it was time to get a third vehicle.  So we headed over to Burnsville Toyota, spent about three minutes spinning around, opened our eyes, pointed and said "We'll take that one!"  I absolutely hate buying cars!

It's nothing too fancy.  A 2007 Toyota Sequoia with 91,000 miles on it.  But after a few days of driving it, I have to say I'm really happy with our purchase!  It's a bigger vehicle then I've ever owned and it's 4 wheel drive which makes it really easy for me to drive over other cars and stuff.  Which is nice.

Our first trip with the family truckster was taking the dogs to the dog park.  It makes them kind of happy to go there.

Avery ditched the rest of his family and went camping in Duluth for a couple of nights with the robotics team.  They competed in the Gitchi Gummi tournament and were part of the winning alliance.  Which was nice.

Avery was very excited that he got to participate as part of the drive team for this competition.  I guess all those years playing with joysticks is coming in handy.

The team was literally jumping for joy to celebrate their good fortunes!

They went to do a little site seeing so Avery has a bunch of nice pictures of his face in front of all sorts of new blurry backgrounds.

Luke was really sad that he didn't have to share the tube with his brother this weekend.

On Saturday night, we watched the Minnesota Twins defeat the Cleveland Indians by a score of 4 - 1.

We went with our friends, Jeff and Cathy.  It was their first anniversary of their wedding and we were excited to have the chance to help them celebrate.  It's hard to believe it's already been a year since they were married.  Time sure does fly when you're having fun!  Which is nice.

I was really excited to meet the lady who plays the organ, but I don't know if she was all that excited to meet me.  I guess it's because I just stood there for 15 minutes or so saying over and over "Boy, lady.  You sure have a nice organ."

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