September 20, 2015

Minnesota Vikings vs Detroit Lions 2015

Minnesota Vikings vs Detroit Lions 2015
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for September 20, 2015

So my honeymoon with taking the bus to my new job at Oracle in Downtown, Minneapolis is over.  I've been parking my new Toyota Sequoia in the park and ride ramp in Shakopee, Minnesota each day I go to work.  On Thursday, someone decided to crawl underneath it with a hacksaw and cut off my catalytic converter.  Apparently it's a pretty common crime right now according to this article in the Star Tribune.  So $1400.00 in damages, a police report, and an insurance claim with a $500 deductible later, my SUV is sitting at the shop waiting to be repaired.  And I gotta find a new park and ride.

On Sunday, Krazy Kory came to town to go to the Vikings game.  We met up with some friends while we were down there.

Kory claims to have invented the selfie because he's been taking our picture like this for many, many years now.  I wonder if he is earning any royalties off that claim?

The Vikings had a really rough opening game in San Francisco this past Monday, so we were a bit nervous about how the home opener was going to go.  Probably not as nervous as Blair Walsh was, though.  He's our kicker and has been in a pretty good slump to start the year having missed field goals and extra points way more than he should have been.  We were impressed watching him practice, though, because he seemed to be kicking everything straight through the middle of the uprights.  He must have a squirrel in his brain, though, because although he did make both of his field goals today, he ended up missing an extra point!  Hopefully he gets his head straightened out soon.

Adrian Peterson has caused our team all sorts of drama over the past year or so, but you never would have guessed it by hearing the audience's reaction to him.  He still seems as universally loved by the Minnesota fans as he ever has been.  He even has guys going out of their way to tie his shoes!

NFL Hall of Famer, Alan Page, was there to blow the opening gjallarhorn to start the game.  Mr. Page not only was one of the leaders of the famed "Purple People Eaters" from back in the seventies, but also just retired as one of the associate justices from the Minnesota supreme court.  It was pretty cool to be standing so close to such an accomplished dude.

We showed up early, but before we knew it we needed to take our seats and wait for the game to begin.  It was Vikings time!

We had a special treat for the home opener when members of the 73rd airborn brigade parachuted on to the field.  Here's a video of their landings:

The game was great.  The Vikings made us proud by winning their home opener 26-16.  Here comes the Super Bowl, baby!!

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