January 17, 2016

Guy's Weekend in January 2016

Guy's Weekend in January 2016
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 17, 2016

Three of my Iowa buddies came up for the weekend.  In college, Ron "Sugarman" Myers and I used to watch the movie Tombstone over and over again together.  He now has a great t-shirt to commemorate our memories.

Joel is as goofy as a 2 dollar bill. I was glad he brought a couple of those.  We played poker together and he gave me the opportunity to win all his twos away from him.

Kray Kory didn't do very well in poker which probably isn't all that surprising.  He pretty much sits like this the entire time we play together.  He claims it's his poker face.

We woke up early to go skiing, but first decided to stop at a new restaurant in Prior Lake called Charlie's on Prior.  They have great food and a beautifully re-designed facility that sits on Prior Lake.

We had fun reminiscing and planning our day skiing.  We probably shouldn't have looked at the weather map though because we saw that it was about 15 below zero and wind chills were going to take it down to feeling like it was 30-40 below zero.  So we decided to not go skiing and just hang out at our hotel room all day instead.  We're getting too old to deal with temperatures like those!

After a day of staying warm inside playing more poker, we decided to go to the Mall of America for supper and to check out the night life.

They've opened some new areas in the mall so I was excited to see those.  I was a bit surprised when I saw this new corridor and how relatively blank it is.  It kind of reminded me of some kind of medical facility because it was all white and there were no stores or anything.  I'm guessing those will come later, otherwise this looks like an awful lot of wasted space.

The fellas wanted to eat at Hooters which I was fine with because I really love their chicken tenders.  Yeah, that's why.

We ended the night at Dick's Last Resort which is famous for having waiters and waitresses who insult the customers.  It's my kind of place.

I heard these guys being rude to other people, but found them to be pretty nice to me.  Maybe they thought I worked there or something.  I'm still not sure why they had bras hanging from the ceiling, but I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason.

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