April 17, 2016

Springtime in Minnesota 2016

Springtime in Minnesota 2016
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 17, 2016

On Tuesday night we went to see the movie Criminal with our friends, Guy and Jeanine Perera.  It was an interesting movie although kind of weird to see Kevin Costner playing a psychopath.  I actually enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would, but would probably recommend waiting for it to come to Redbox or Netflix before watching.  Not worth $100 to see it in the theater.

This weekend brought Springtime to Minnesota.  The temperatures were in the eighties and it actually felt a bit hot going outside!  We were so due for this weather and it just felt great to experience it.

On Thursday night, we took the dogs to the dog park because that's pretty much what we do when we want to get outside.

On Friday night we had a family dinner at the Outback because Steak and Lobster is back!  Plus, the Bloomin' Onions are just too good to pass up.

On Friday night, we went to Savvi Formalwear to rent some tuxes for the boys.  They have plans on going to prom with a group of friends so we needed to get them some threads.

The staff at Savvi Formalwear was awesome.  We worked with Courtney, Jennifer, and Weston who told us just the right things to rent.  I highly recommend anyone in Prior Lake or the surrounding area to check them out and rent a tux from them if you need one.  You can even use our code # 18655 and get $50 off your rental.  Which is nice.

On Saturday, we took the dogs swimming because Sunny is extremely annoyed with us because we hardly ever do this now that we have Blue.  It's just a lot more complicated to bring two dogs down to the lake especially one that is still just a little bit out of control for our tastes.

We had a little bit of drama while we were down there.  Blue is still learning to swim while Sunny is an 11 year veteran of navigating Prior Lake.  Blue has only gone in the water from the beach and hasn't ever jumped from the end of the dock like Sunny likes to do.  Well, Luke wanted to get a video of Sunny jumping in the lake so Avery threw the ball for him while he sat at the end of the dock with his camera.  We were all surprised when Blue followed Sunny and jumped in the water after him.  The problems started when Blue couldn't figure out to swim back to shore.  Luke stopped taping immediately to check on Blue and started yelling for me to come help him.  Sunny swam to shore like he normally does, but Blue thought he had to climb back on the dock for some reason.  I came down to the end of the dock to see the dog paddling around in a panic hitting the dock with his paws and not moving anywhere else.  I reached in and tried to pull him to the side of the dock so he'd swim to shore, but he wasn't having it.  I then tried to lift him out by the collar, but couldn't do it.  Eventually Avery and a neighbor came down and we all lifted him out of the water and he was just fine, but I'm guessing he might not jump off the dock again for awhile.  Here's the video Luke shot:      

On Sunday, the boys had to interview someone who lived through the sixties so they asked Grandma Linda to come over.  I didn't sit through them talking, but I heard a lot of laughing coming out of the room.  Apparently she shared more stories from her entire life and didn't stick with just the decade of the sixties.  Luke came out of the room when it was over filled with excitement.  He said "Did you know Grandma killed Hitler?  We are totally getting an A on this project!"

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