August 7, 2016

Prior Lake Lakefront Days Parade 2016

Prior Lake Lakefront Days Parade 2016
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for August 7, 2016

Saturday brought us Prior Lake's annual Lakefront Days parade and we were there to support the Prior Lake Robotic's team float.

Before the parade began we saw a lot of old friends like Wayne who used to be the boys Tball coach about 100 years ago.

I saw my personal work hero, Orlando Mazzolini, and his lovely daughter Sofia.  They were here to support a friend who is running for city council.

Ronald McDonald and I go way back.  I used to go to his house and eat a lot when I was a kid.

I met Tony Albright who is a member of the Minnesota house of representatives and a great guy.  He has been a good friend to Prior Lake Robotics and is going to help us work on some projects this year.

Some of the team captains had a chance to talk to Tony.  They discussed ways to spread the word about all the good things that First Robotics is doing for kids to help them build their STEM skills as well as so many other great leadership qualities.

We chatted with Melissa and Todd from the Prior Lake school board.  We had a great conversation and talked about ways to continue to grow the robotics program going forward.

Soon enough the parade started and we had to run to the front of the pack to see Avery.  He normally works on Saturday mornings so he walked along with his co-workers at Versatile Vehicles.

We saw Tony Albright again spreading good will to the community while spreading candy to the kids.

We have been fans of Jason Lewis for years as he used to have a talk radio show in the Twin Cities before deciding to run for the US House of Representatives.  Miss Sheri was standing on the side of the road taking his picture when he noticed her.

He said a picture of him by himself was no fun so insisted she joined him for another shot.  What a good guy!

Most of the time, though, we hung out with the KING TeC kids.  They looked so fashionable that it just felt good to be around them.

Luke worked hard as he walked the parade route handing out program flyers to people in the community.

Liz and I also walked much of the way trying to figure out ways to make ourselves useful.  That comes real hard for me.

Jackson and crew were rocking out as they made their way down Main Street.

I don't know if Jen and Dan had the toughest job or the easiest job as they drove the float through town.

After the parade, all the kids went to a party so we grabbed a few of the other parents and decided to have a party of our own on the boat.

We got pretty loony!

We even picked up a hitchhiker as we passed by Pat Hines on her dock.  She joined us while we hung out on Candy Cove.

All in all, it was a pretty darned good day!

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