October 2, 2016

Prior Lake Homecoming 2016

Prior Lake Homecoming 2016
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for October 2, 2016

It was time to get senior photos taken this week so we traveled up to Champlin for three hours of photo taking.  My boys were so thrilled to do this!

I make them pose for pictures all the time so they just couldn't wait for the opportunity to stand next to abandoned barns, weird bridges, the edge of the Mississippi River, and a bunch of other places that we thought were pretty.   Boys just love pretty picture backgrounds!

I totally wasn't thinking when I scheduled the appointment right on top of the Vikings Game!  Lucky for me, there's an app for that!

On Wednesday, we had an offsite meeting with my colleagues at Oracle Direct.  We went to Betty Danger's Country Club in Minneapolis.

It's a really unique place.  It's basically a bar with a mini golf course and a ferris wheel.   Sounds pretty safe to me.  Let people buy a bunch of drinks and then send them soaring in the air.  What a great fit!

Miss Sheri has had a pretty productive week.  She decided to tackle a landscaping project along the side of our house and decided to dig a large drainage ditch as well.  She has so much fun with her projects!

On Friday night, we went to the Prior Lake High School homecoming football game where the Prior Lake Lakers defeated Edina 30 - 0.  That's a nice result for a homecoming game.

Both Miss Sheri and I grew up in small towns, so we're always quite impressed with the amenities that the Prior Lake High School has for their players.  We never had a digital scoreboard or a large inflatable football helmet for our players to run through for their introductions.  We were lucky to have our players run through a paper banner spread across the gate of a chain link fence.  

The band was amazing and pumped up the crowd.

The dance team blew the crowd away with their choreography and style.  I also really enjoyed their music selections, but I'm kind of a funky guy like that.

On Sunday morning, we had breakfast with Grandma Linda and her new friend, Mike.  A good time was had by all!

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