November 6, 2016

Prior Lake Band Concert - November 1, 2016

Prior Lake Band Concert - November 1, 2016
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for November 6, 2016

Our week started at Prior Lake High School to see our son, Luke, perform percussion in the band concert.  

Luke played a variety of instruments during the concert.  Mostly stuff he could hit with sticks.  Here's some clips:

Grandma Linda joined us at the concert.  She has a new friend so we don't get to see her much any more.   So we always try to come up with reasons like these so she has an excuse to visit us.  

On Friday night, we decided to be really crazy and went to the local Costco to start a new membership.  Lynette was really friendly and talked us into an executive membership.  She basically said we'd be stupid if we didn't go this route and I sure don't want anyone to think I'm stupid, so I stepped in there.  Now I feel like a real executive.

If I would have known I could have experiences like this, I would have joined Costco years ago.  I couldn't believe they actually let me ride this guy for free!

After we went shopping, we went to one of our favorite Sea Food restaurants, Red Lobster.  I wanted to throw my new "Executive Status" around a bit and see what kind of leverage it would give me.  I told all the people who worked that I was now an executive and I think it helped a lot.  They even gave us free biscuits which was a nice little perk.

On Saturday, Luke and Avery helped run an FLL robotics tournament.  FLL stands for First Lego League and it's geared for elementary school kids.

The game consists of running the Lego robot through a variety of challenges and the high scoring team wins. 

Luke and Avery helped judge the tournament.  I try to tell them to not be judgmental, but I guess in this case it was OK.

Lisa Maldonado runs the FLL and Jr FLL robotics program and has been a magnificent mentor for the boys.  She helped them be mentors for the younger kids in the robotics program and also helped them come up with their Eagle Projects for Boy Scouts.  We certainly appreciate all that Lisa has done for our boys!

The kids really enjoy helping the younger kids with their robotics program.  It feels like just a short time ago where we were the young ones and looking up to the older students.  How time flies!

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