January 16, 2017

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Utah Jazz

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Utah Jazz
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 16, 2017

On Saturday night, Miss Sheri and I were guests of the Star Tribune at a Minnesota Timberwolves vs Utah Jazz NBA basketball game.  It was our first game of the season to attend in person.

It was a spirited event and the youthful home team led the score throughout much of the match.  But what has been the case far too often this season, they collapsed at the end of the game and lost by a score of 94-92.  We were very sad about that.

The team has a lot of young stars including the past two rookies of the year, Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony Towns.

Karl had a decent game with 18 points and 15 boards.  We liked shouting "Come on, Karl!" to him a lot throughout the game, but I'm not sure if he heard us or not.

We had a bit of a scary moment when Wiggins walked up to the free throw line and stood like this absolutely still for nearly 10 minutes straight.  Nobody else seemed to notice, though.

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert appears to have badly missed this block attempt.  Either that or he suddenly started doing jumping twirls in the middle of the game.

Our seats were near Timberwolves announcer, Tom Hannegan, who was nice enough to take a picture with me.  I found it unique that before we took the picture, he shook my hand and asked me for my name which I thought was real nice.  Most celebrities just take the photo with me and then try to get away as quickly as possible.

I had the opportunity to have dinner with my old buddy, Tom Gray, from Equus on Tuesday night.  He's doing great as always!

On Friday, we hopped in the car and drove down to Iowa to visit Miss Sheri's family and celebrate a late Christmas with them.  The boys were thrilled to hit the fields again.

Sunny and Blue were equally ecstatic being there as well.  They may have also have been happy to just quit hearing us all ask them the week before "Do you want to go to the farm?" over and over again just to work them up and get them excited.  

We had a great Christmas dinner complete with both ham and turkey which made all of our bellies happy.

Then we opened presents with one another which is a little tradition we like to do at Christmas.  Then we went home.

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