April 16, 2017

Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter 2017
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 16, 2017

Springtime is in the air and the Easter Heron's are feeling generous.  Actually it's probably the Easter Bunny that's feeling that way, but I didn't get a picture of a bunny this week.  Only this stupid Heron.

We connected with quite a few friends in quite a few restaurants this week starting with my old buddy, Krazy Kory.  He was in town for a work gig, but we still were able to make a quick trip to the casino together.  It was a great experience for him and just an OK one for me.

We found ourselves back at the casino on Friday night although we didn't actually do any gambling.  The Meadows bar is trying new things to attract customers and this week was their first attempt at a karaoke night.  We had to check that out!

Dan started us off for the night.  It's tough to follow him because he's a real good singer and I'm not.  

I tend to yell more than actually sing, so I have to be selective in the songs I attempt to try to match with my voice.  One of these days I'll find a song that sounds OK.

Of course, Miss Sheri sounds like an angel which makes it all the tougher on me.  When she started singing, the guy at the next table asked me about her.  I had to say "Sorry, dude.  She's into guys who like to yell."

Saturday morning we had the great joy of stopping by to see Victoria Bailey who is the daughter of our good friend, Madison Bailey, and the granddaughter of our good friends, Kim & Mike Bailey.  They said this was their first official full family photo with Victoria so we felt very honored to be the ones to capture that.

I'm starting to have more and more people I grew up with becoming grandparents which just doesn't seem possible.  Mike seemed so happy holding his granddaughter so I can definitely see the attraction to it, but it also makes me feel like I'm getting really old.

We met up with Jason and Jen and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Salsa a la Salsa.  It was fun to catch up with all these crazy kids.

Saturday afternoon brought Luke to Lunds and Byerly's grocery store to do some bagging as a fundraiser for the robotics team.  It's nice to carry groceries for people.

On Saturday night, we hooked up with our friends the Zitzewitzes and went to Kona Grill in Eden Prairie.

We had a lot of debate if it's a Japanese restaurant or a Hawaiian restaurant.  The waiter told us it was kind of a Pan-Asian menu which didn't settle our argument.  The food was pretty good even if we couldn't label it correctly.

On Easter Sunday, we picked up Grandma Linda, went to church, and then had lunch at Benihana.  I was kind of surprised that it wasn't very crowded.  I thought Teppanyaki style cooking was an Easter tradition for most people.  I guess not.  Next year, we're bringing some colored eggs and doing an Easter egg hunt in this place.  That will attract more people.

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