June 26, 2017

The Wedding of Dr. Justin and Bailey Hartman

The Wedding of Dr. Justin and Bailey Hartman

Luke and Avery have been having a good time this summer since graduating spending a lot of time with friends.

On Thursday, my family and I flew to Dallas, Texas.

The reason we were there was to celebrate the wedding of my niece, Bailey, and her new husband, Justin Hartman.  They're so darn happy together.

The wedding was at the Heard Museum in McKinney, Texas.  It  is an inspiring place for a ceremony with a 289 acre wildlife sanctuary in the background.

The couple had a great idea to set up a selfie station in front of the museum, but we just kept knocking it out of the tree.

It was great seeing Uncle Cliff.  He always made me laugh when we grew up together, so it's nice to see he has the same effect on my boys.

We had the pleasure of meeting the parents of the groom at the rehearsal dinner.  They were wonderful people named Barry and Tammy Hartman.  We had such fun meeting them and their family members who made the journey to McKinney.

On Saturday, we all dressed up in our Sunday best and were excited to help celebrate Justin and Bailey's wedding.

These six cousins have grown up together for the past 17 years or so.  They love getting together, but this was a first for them to be celebrating one of their marriages!

It was fantastic to get to spend the weekend with my mom and sisters.  We've been through a lot together so it's always nice when we come to see each other for such a happy occasion.

Soon enough, the ceremony began and we  had a chance to see all the beautiful people make their way down the aisle.

Pretty soon, the groom and his groomsmen were at the altar anticipating the arrival of the bride.

Eli kind of missed his cue to turn when he arrived at the aisle and just kept marching forward.  He was pretty darn cute when he course corrected and came my way.

Cliff and my sister split up quite a few years ago and David has been Bailey's step-dad almost ever since.  We thought it was pretty special then when they both ended up walking Bailey down the aisle to be with her groom.  

The ceremony was beautiful, the temperature was just right, and you could sense a special feeling of happiness for this couple as they read their vows to one another.

Bailey and Justin have a whole lot of people who love them and it was a really great day getting to see them all being together.

They asked me to be the emcee at the reception which was right up my alley.  I worked with Ivan and Adrienne as they DJ'd the event and kept the schedule of events on track.  We made a great team!

A special shout-out to my brother in law, Cliff, and his beautiful wife, Claudia.  We never get to see each other enough when we get together, but it always so nice to see them.

We watched the bride and groom do their first dance of the evening and then we joined them and danced the rest of the night away.

Congratulations, Bailey and Justin!!

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