July 30, 2017

A 2017 Family Reunion in Iowa

A 2017 Family Reunion in Iowa 
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for July 30, 2017

On Sunday night, we drove to downtown St. Paul to CHS Field to watch the St. Paul Saints take on the Salina Stockade.

We went with our good friends, Jen & Scott Fowler.  None of us are huge baseball fans, but we are fans of drinking beers and eating stadium food on a sunny Sunday in St. Paul.

We made some new friends along the way, although they ended up proving to be just a little bit annoying.

The home team played well and ended up defeating the visiting team from Salina by a score of 7-2.  That'll Learn 'em.

On Monday night, we took a late afternoon boat ride with our old buddies, the Zitzewitz Family.

We've been telling them about the island with all the crazy birds on it, but they wanted to see it for themselves.  They weren't disappointed.  The birds were still there.  And they were still crazy.

We even saw a loon which is a relatively rare event on Prior Lake as they usually hang out farther North than us.  Not sure if this guy was sick or something because he wasn't doing a lot of moving around, but maybe he was just sleepy.  That's what we were hoping anyways.

We stopped at Charlie's on Prior to get some pizza and appetizers to give us some more energy for the rest of the boat ride.  It takes some stamina to conquer those waves.

We let the food properly settle and then took a dip at Candy Cove.  We had the lake pretty much to ourselves which was nice.

On Friday, we drove down to Iowa for the 2017 Timmerman Family Reunion.  We had family members from California, Colorado, and New Mexico make the trip.  It was a ton of fun seeing everyone!

Miss Sheri's mom, Leona, was a Timmerman and had 7 brothers and sisters which make for a lot of cousins, nieces, and nephews.  Unfortunately, we lost three of those siblings over the past few years which made things bitter sweet, but it was so nice having the chance to see everyone again like we used to at great family reunions from the past.

Luke and I had fun taking Blue for walks around the farm.  We were a little nervous when we got there because the corn was so tall that we feared if he went into the fields we might never find him again, but we had nothing to worry about.  He had no interest at going into the corn.  That's where the Children live.

We also had fun walking along the river in Rock Rapids.  We've been doing this since the boys were all very little, but they never seem to lose the fascination of traveling across the rocks in front of the falls.  I still get nervous about them falling in even though they are much, much bigger than they used to be when we'd do this.

  Here's some of the fun people who made it to the reunion:

It was great seeing everyone!!!

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