October 22, 2017

University of Minnesota Family Weekend 2017

University of Minnesota Family Weekend 2017
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for October 22, 2017

Krazy Kory and his daughter, Krazy Harli, came up to visit us this weekend.  Well, technically they came to Minnesota to go to the zoo and the Mall of America, but I'm sure if you asked Harli what her favorite part of the weekend was, she'd say it was seeing me.  I'm way more fun to be around than the zoo and the Mall of America!

It was Family Weekend at the University of Minnesota!  This means that we could go visit Avery at college and he was contractually obligated by the school to spend some time with us.  At least that's what we told him.

We were kind of surprised that there weren't more organized activities involved in the weekend.  We were already planning on going to the football game, but they also had a class for us to attend on how to find student housing for next year and there was a chili supper before the game.  It was originally supposed to be a pancake brunch, but then the game time was announced at 7PM at night, so they switched it to a chili supper.  Which I realized after the fact was kind of a ripoff. We had to pay $15 each for the three of us and that ended up being for 3 bowls of chili, some corn muffins, and lemonade.  That's some pretty expensive chili!

It was raining outside, so tailgating was kind of a drag.  We hung out in a tent behind Buffalo Wild Wings along with about a thousand other people.  We chatted with Avery while wedged in the crowd and it was fun to see him.

It was fun to see Avery for a short while that is.  Suddenly one of his friends appeared out of nowhere and whisked him away to go to the game.  Family Weekend was fun while it lasted.  Then it was back to just being a Todd and Miss Sheri weekend again.

We did bump into our good friends, Guy & Jeanine Perera, and hung out with them in the rain for awhile.  That was nice.

We also saw our old buddy, Ticket Tim.  He's the hardest working guy in the ticket business and wasn't going to let a little rain stop him!  He had a new sign that he was excited to be promoting.

By the time we arrived at our seats, the rain had really started picking up again.  Then there was an announcement that there was lightning in the area and they asked us to evacuate the arena.  So we got to stand in the hallways with a few thousand other people who were all nice and wet and happy to be there.  After a half hour rain delay, we were finally able to go to our seats again.

 Our good friend, Jill Fischer, was there and she's a die hard Gophers fan.  She wasn't going to let any silly old rain slow down her excitement to cheer on the home team.

We are not quite that die hard.  We stuck it out up to half time and since the Gophers were losing the game 17-6 and the QB just threw an interception, we decided to call it a night, go home, and dry off.

Apparently we ended up missing what almost was an incredible comeback.  Demry Croft came off the bench and threw three touchdowns in the 4th quarter to barely lose the game by the score of 30-27.  By that time, I was already home in bed.  I was a little sad about it the next day, but not that much.  

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