November 12, 2017

Minnesota Golden Gophers vs Nebraska Cornhuskers

Minnesota Golden Gophers vs Nebraska Cornhuskers
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for November 12, 2017

I bought the new iPhone X this week so I've been having fun playing with the new photography features in it.  I especially like the Animoji Feature as can be seen here:

The Poop Animoji Sings Metallica's One.

I live by the boat launch and wander down there quite often to see what's happening. The temperature was down to 20 degrees on Friday, so I was a bit surprised when I found this nice young lady about to go out on the water by herself. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was studying the habits of the carp in the lake. She was tracking them and trying to understand what they were doing right before the lake ices over, thus the timing. I asked her if the end game was to reduce the carp populations and she agreed that was the eventual goal. Her name is Mary and I asked her if I could call her "Mary The Carp Hunter" and she thought that was OK. I wish I had a name like Mary the Carp Hunter.

She worked for a company called WSB and had a pretty high tech set-up. She said they had previously put radio tags on some of the carp and this antenna looking thing would help her to locate them in the lake. I'm also hoping to be able to pick them up on my Dish Network at home because I'm guessing those carp sound pretty amazing.

On Friday night, we invited some friends over for a hot tub party. It was 25 degrees outside so perfect time to go out and take a bath with some good friends.

I still was playing with my new iPhone and taking photos of anyone who would let me. Lucky for me, Karl never seems to tire of me taking his picture.

He actually didn't believe it was on and leaned in to investigate, but it was on.

Actually, I think it may have been Ana who took the previous photos. Apparently, this was her first experience with the iPhone X and so I woke up to find all sorts of fun new photos and videos filling up my new phone. She really seemed to like the animojis.

Luckily for all of us, The Browns showed up so we could put away the cameras and phones and get to the business of the evening! Appetizers! I even bought a new swimsuit for the event. I think it makes me look pretty hot.

Sadly for Blue, he's not allowed in the hot tub. It's cute that he gets out a towel and puts on a swimsuit, but we can't just let all that hair get in the there. Sorry, Blue.

Saturday morning came up a little too quickly for my taste and we headed downtown to TCF bank stadium to see the Minnesota Golden Gophers take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

We were greeted by a light dusting of snow before we left the house, so we knew it was going to be a cold day to watch the game. We made sure to bundle-up extra good.

We were pleasantly surprised to see our neighbor, Jim, at the game along with his grandson, Carter. He came along with his daughter, Jill, who we normally would go tailgating with if only we could get out of bed earlier.

Everybody was bundled-up to try to stay warm, even the cheerleaders.

It was veteran's day, so we had several opportunities to pay respect to those honorable men & women who have served our country.

The band always does an amazing halftime show and we were pleased to see them incorporate honoring the veterans during their performance.

Thanks to all veterans and active military personnel for serving our country and helping provide us the freedom to live in the greatest country on the planet! You all rock!

We were pleased to see our son, Avery, who gives us the honor to come over and visit us for a brief while during halftime. We didn't even have to pay him to do it this time.

The Gophers had been struggling in the Big 10 so far this year, and were only 1 and 5 in the conference before this game. But for some reason, they had Nebraska's number and put a whooping on the away team by a final score of 54-21. It was fun to be able to cheer for some touchdowns for our team for a change this week.

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