December 31, 2017

Minnesota Vikings vs Cincinnati Bengals

Minnesota Vikings vs Cincinnati Bengals
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for December 31, 2017

On Sunday, Miss Sheri, Luke and I went to see our hometown Minnesota Vikings take on the Cincinnati Bengals.

The reason we went to the game is because we are especially attracted to quarterbacks with red hair.

We are pretty happy with the Vikings play this year as they had a 10-3 record going into this game.  Their defense has been incredible.

There are always some interesting characters in the crowd at the game.  Not sure how you get in with an ax like this, but I'm assuming they have better connections with security than I do.

Anthony Barr is a beast.

Kyle Rudolph has been a touchdown scoring machine as our leading tight end.

Our favorite player this year has been Adam Thielen.  Not only has he been an incredible receiver, he went to school at Minnesota State Mankato where Luke is going. 

He also seems like a pretty spiritual guy.  Which is nice.

The game would end up being a pretty good shellacking.  The Bengals gained only 161 yards of offense in the game and were 1 for 13 on third downs.   Which ended up being pretty fun to watch.

Robert J. O'Neill, the United States Navy SEAL who fired the shots that killed Osama bin Laden, sounded the Gjallarhorn and led fans in the Skol Chant.  That got the game started on a pretty good beat.

It's hard to believe the Vikings have been so successful knowing we are playing with our third string quarterback, Case Keenum.  But he's been incredible managing the team's offense and leading scoring drives.

He also has a really fancy looking throwing style which helps lead to his precision passes.

Of course,there are some pretty good play makers ready to help him make those scores.

I always worry about these guys with the long dreadlocks hanging out of their helmets like Trae Waynes.  I can't imagine it feels very good getting one of these yanked out of your skull.

Nice job, Stefon.

Mike Zimmer should be a candidate for coach of the year.  We'll see how that works out.

The Vikings ended up winning the game 34-7.  Everyone seemed pretty happy about it.

We even got to see the return of quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, at the end of the game!  Poor guy was thought to never be able to play again after having a freak knee injury in practice.  But he made his return to thunderous cheers from the Vikings Faithful.  He then proceeded to throw an interception with his only pass attempt, but it was fun to see him in there nonetheless.

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