January 21, 2018

Ice Fishing on Spring Lake

Ice Fishing on Spring Lake
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 21, 2018

I've been making an effort to connect with old friends lately and was lucky enough to get Dr. David Bollig to meet me for a couple of hours at Buffalo Wild Wings.  We haven't seen each other for awhile so it was nice to catch up.

Following on the same theme on Tuesday night, I had dinner with a couple of ex-Oracle friends, Orlando & Evan, at Buffalo Tap in Savage.  These guys are both doing awesome and it was nice to re-connect with them as well.

We've been having extremely cold temperatures the past few weeks in Minnesota, so Blue has been feeling pretty depressed.  He's always complaining that we never take him anywhere any more.  So when the temperatures hit 40 degrees this week, he insisted we go to the dog park.  I'm glad we did, because it ended up being gorgeous outside and we all had a nice walk.

On Friday night, we were lucky enough to see our old friends, Jason & Jennifer, at the newly renovated Mystic Lake Casino.  We had a great time playing the new machines and we even won a few bucks which always makes for a great evening!

On Saturday, we were invited to go ice fishing with our old buddies, Dan & Jen Walters.  It was 39 degrees outside so perfect weather to be outside on a frozen lake and sticking our poles in the water.  

We may not look like veteran fisher-people, but we we can slay the fishies when needed.

Last year when we went ice fishing with the Walters, we admired a couple of bald eagles on a nearby tree.  I was surprised when we arrived there that this bald eagle was perched on what appeared to be the exact same branch as the two we saw last year.  I'm fascinated by bald eagles.  I find them to be very majestic and we ended up taking 20 - 30 pictures of this guy until we got this one which looks pretty darned good to me.

After we spent some time ice fishing, Miss Sheri and Jen thought it would fun to do some ice spelling and pay respects to our favorite NFL team.  Technically, Jen & Dan are from Florida and root for the Bucs, but this year they have been showing some love to the local team also.

It might not look very complicated, but it took them awhile to get this to stand-out the way it does.  First they walked a path with their feet and then used a snow shovel to scoop out the snow.  Finally, we all carried about 20 buckets of water to get rid of the remaining snow.  Skol, Vikings!

On Saturday night, Miss Sheri and I went to see the Minnesota Timberwolves take on Demar Derozan & the Toronto Raptors.

We've been seeing a lot of Wolves games lately after buying a "Holiday Pack" of games.  

The halftime shows always seem to have a former "America's Got Talent" contestant.  This time it was Tyler Scheuer who can balance all sorts of things on his chin.  I'd be more impressed if he had a guy climbing the ladder while he did this.

The Wolves had lost a couple in a row coming into this game and the Raptors have the second best record in the Eastern Conference so we were a little nervous about how we'd do.  But the home town team rallied nicely and ended up winning 115-109.  That's a fun way to spend a Saturday night!!

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