May 21, 2018

Encore Karaoke and Sushi Lounge

Encore Karaoke and Sushi Lounge
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 21, 2018

On Saturday night, we were invited to celebrate one of our oldest friends, Kim Bailey, as she celebrated her 50th birthday.  Miss Sheri said I should probably call her one of our long time friends rather than oldest, but I think you all know what I meant.

Better yet, they were having the party at Encore Karaoke & Sushi Lounge.   Karaoke & Sushi are two of my favorite things!

I had never seen Mike Bailey sing before, but I guess special things happen when it's your wife's birthday.

Kim's parents, Dick & Vic, just came back to this part of the country from their winter excursion to Arizona.  It's always good to spend time with them.

It's always a good time to spend time with all of the Hornbuckle clan!  We missed Chad, though.

Chris played DJ for the night.  He said the club had their own set-up we could have used, but most of those songs weren't in English.

It took awhile for people to warm up to the singing and the night started off with people preferring to sing their songs from the safety of their chairs.

Eventually people warmed up, though, and the real performances began with everyone putting on a show!

I'm not a very good singer, but I'm pretty loud so that seems to help sometimes.

Eventually every song became quartets & quintets & sextets and more.  I think people just like singing together.

The night really became fun when the whole room started singing as a group.  

I think a good time was had by all.

We had a pretty sizable group, so lucky we had the big room!

It was a fun night with a bunch of fun people!!

Happy Birthday, Kim!!

Here's a couple of clips of our friends singing together.

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