June 3, 2018

Graduation Season 2018

Graduation Season 2018
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 3rd, 2018

Summertime is here and we try to find a variety of ways of entertaining ourselves.  Too many of those activities end up being in our backyard and involve throwing a ball to the dog.

We also occasionally throw the ball at one another while playing Spike Ball.  I used to be a lot more flexible.  Games like this were a lot easier back then.

Blue likes to have alone time with his daddy.  Whenever Miss Sheri comes around, he sticks his tongue out at her to let her know she's not welcome to join us.

Our good friends, Sean & Ann Quinlan, came over for a boat-ride on Thursday night.  It ended up being a beautiful night!

We did our obligatory bird watching for awhile.  I believe this is a Great Egret.  He may also be a Pretty Good Egret.  I didn't get that close of a look at him.

Sean  wanted to jump in the lake so he could say he'd done that this summer.   So if you see him and ask him if he's jumped in the lake this summer, he will say Yes.

We were joined by this duck and some of his friends.  He looked like he had been having a pretty good time.

We were having so much fun and then sun decided to leave us.

We woke up to some loud banging outside on Saturday morning and discovered our neighbors moved out of their house.  At least I really hoped they moved out of their house.

We attended our first graduation parties this season.  Our friends, Josh & Jenni Carlson had a nice party.  Josh is going to Iowa State and Jenni is going to Purdue.  We wish them both the best of luck in their future.

We then had the honor of attending the graduation celebration for Kayla Ashland.  She is attending Winona in the fall and we wish her the best as well.  Congratulations to all the graduating seniors from the class of 2018!!

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