July 1, 2018

When It's Hot, It's Best To Be In The Water

When It's Hot, It's Best To Be In The Water
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for July 1, 2018

On Sunday night, we went golfing as a family.  It was a beautiful, hot night at Cleary Lake Golf Course and we enjoyed smacking the balls around a bit.    Sadly, I think it's now official that I'm the worst golfer in the family.

On Monday, I got to enjoy 50 Shades of Tom Gray.  Tom is my  old co-worker and we like to re-connect every few months or so to catch up on things.  I was glad to hear that Tom is in a great place right now in his life and seems very happy.  Plus, we got to eat some Chili's which is always a good thing.

I had another round with Kidney Stones and had to have laser lithotripsy surgery on Tuesday.  The stone wasn't causing me much pain and I'd actually passed a pretty good sized one a few weeks ago.  After that the Dr wanted me to be checked out, so I had a CT scan and another stone was discovered in my ureter between my kidney and bladder.  The surgeon told me it was big and jagged and not going anywhere.  So he blasted it with a laser into 4 different pieces and was able to manually extract them all while I was under anesthesia.  I was very happy to hear when I woke up that no stent was required.  That would have been very unpleasant.  Now I'm all better again and need to figure out a plan to prevent these from occurring again.

We had company stay with us this week when Miss Sheri's college roommate, Robin Bauman, came to Minnesota and stayed with us for a couple of nights.  We took her out and played some corn-hole with her which apparently is not a big sport in Hawaii where she's from.  Now I'm thinking I should move to Hawaii and start some kind of cornhole business.  There has to be a bunch of pent up demand for it.

Uncle Jerry was also in town passing through on his trip to Denver and seeing the Senior Open PGA tournament.  Jerry is an old pro at cornhole so he and I teamed up to knock down the Swank house champions.

It hit 100 degrees in Minnesota this week, so we tried to spend as much time as we could either on or in the water.

We saw a couple of otters swimming around mud bay which was pretty cool.  I'd never seen wild otters in Prior Lake before.  They're pretty skittish and did everything they could to get away from us but we were able to snap a couple of pictures before they succeeded.

The boys had some friends over to go tubing which is always good for laughs as we do our best to send the kids flying into the water.

There were quite a few boats on the lake so the water was pretty choppy making it much easier for them to get some air as we zipped them back and forth. 

We get to hang out with the kids while they tube mainly because they need someone to drive the boat and spot for them.  Otherwise, I don't think they'd want to be hanging around with us.  It's nice to feel needed.

Miss Sheri's 2005 Saturn Relay finally died at 197,000 miles so we needed to get a replacement vehicle.  We decided on a 2015 Toyota Camry and bought it from this nice gentleman named Tom from Walser Toyota in Bloomington.  I like my new car.

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