September 9, 2018

Kangaroo Crossing at the Minnesota Zoo

Kangaroo Crossing at the Minnesota Zoo
Todd Swank's Diary Update for September 9, 2018

We went to see our friends, Cathy and Jeff, on Monday.  They have a big pizza bash every year on Labor Day and we like to go to eat our share.  Jeff is a good pizza chef!

The kids are back in college, so our Empty Nester Club had it's best turn-out in months.  We even had some new empty nesters which I guess is probably likely to happen in the Fall.

This will probably be our last gathering at Charlie's on Prior this year.  For some reason, sitting by the lake isn't nearly as much fun in Minnesota when it's fall and winter outside.

We bought season passes to the Minnesota Zoo earlier this year and realized we better go out there again since it's going to expire soon.  We also realized that there's a new attraction called Kangaroo Crossing which we hadn't experienced yet.  I was surprised to see that once you entered the attraction, the kangaroos were basically  able to come on the path to interact with the humans.  I wasn't surprised to see that pretty much all of them were sleeping just beyond the barrier where the humans are not supposed to go.

Miss Sheri tried to tell me that all of these aren't kangaroos, some of them are actually Wallabies.  I don't know the difference between the two, but they kind of look like really big rats to me.

After seeing the claws on these guys, I realized I didn't want to mess with them.

I couldn't tell if she was pregnant or he had some testicular issues.  I'm hoping it's the former.

Another new part of the zoo is back in the swampy area.  They added some walking trails over the top of the water which allows you to get a pretty neat view of the ecosystem.  I just love unique ecosystems.

I felt kind of bad for the turtles.  You'd think they'd get sick and tired of being this dirty all the time.

This funny looking bird had the right idea.  Stay above the green goop and it won't mess up your yellow feet.

It actually ended up being quite the lovely day for a walk around the zoo.

The bears were being kind of frisky.  Probably gotta get it out of their systems before settling down for their long winter's nap.

We had never seen the camel this close to the fence.  He was so wanting to get that sweet, sweet green.

We'd also never seen the moose this close to the fence.  He's got a bunch of crap all over his antlers which really bothered me.  I kept beckoning him to come up to me so I could help him clear it all off, but he ignored me.  His loss.  

After the zoo, we stopped at the Burnsville Fire Muster which is a community festival where they bring in all the fire trucks and let people play with their hoses.  Seemed like a lot of wasted water to me.

One of the food trucks had a unique system for gathering tips.  I guess this settles it.  The Vikings are winning the Super Bowl this year!

We continue having fun with our new drone and haven't got it stuck or dropped it in the lake yet.  I can imagine that will be happening soon.

I keep thinking our albino squirrel friends will disappear for awhile and then look in the backyard and there's another one.  They must really like us.

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