December 24, 2018

Swank Family Christmas Letter 2018

Merry Christmas and Thank U, Next 2018!

Ugh, another year done already?  We still haven’t started our New Year Resolutions from last January.

Our empty nester lifestyle is continuing to evolve.  In March of this year, Todd was promoted to be a field sales rep at Oracle selling cloud technologies.  Now he works from home unless he’s traveling to see clients.  Since Todd & Sheri are together all day, it was like we became co-workers.  Which was very cool, until she slapped Todd with that harassment suit.  No more comments can be made with the litigation still pending.

Our Golden Retriever, Blue, is very confused why Todd is home every day and not able to entertain him whenever he demands.  We try to tell him it’s worktime, but he doesn’t seem to understand.  We’re giving him a daily planner for Christmas so he will know when it’s time for walks.  That should help.

In February, we celebrated 24 years of marriage by taking a vacation to Key West.  We wanted to be kind of wild and carefree so went to one of those bars where they do body painting.  Ultimately we decided not to participate when they insisted on using the big roller on Todd.  It’s definitely time for a diet.

Todd had to endure kidney stone surgery this past summer.  At first we didn’t think it was going to be that big of a deal, but when you hear the doctor mention the words “Shock Wave” and “Urethra” in the same sentence, you know it’s not going to be a fun day.

Miss Sheri continues to stay busy with projects around the house.  She thinks we have gremlins because every time she fixes one thing, it seems like two more things break.  She insists that Todd call her Fix-It Felix which in all honesty he finds to be incredibly hot.  That’s probably too much information for a Christmas letter.

Luke and Avery started their sophomore year at college. Avery is studying computer science and had the opportunity to do research at the University this past summer.  He developed a virtual reality project for the Department of Native American Studies. He’s also moved into an apartment and has to cook his own meals which we’re guessing is why he’s lost so much weight. 

Luke is studying finance at Minnesota State Mankato and has kept himself busy selling stuff on Ebay and obsessing over Fantasy Sports.  He’s also serving on the community council for his dorm room floor and was elected treasurer.  So he collects the money, sells stuff to make money, and has an affinity for gambling.  We can’t imagine anything ever going wrong with that scenario in the future.

This past summer we took a family vacation to the East Coast and visited New York City, Boston, and Martha’s Vineyard.  Our favorite part of the vacation was attending a live production of the Today Show and could be seen on TV waving like maniacs behind Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.   We kept asking the employees on set the question “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” but none of them seemed to think it was very funny.

Our goal for 2019 is to stop growing older. It’s not nearly as fun as we thought it would be so we have decided to go back to being in our twenties again. So in next year’s pictures we’ll be looking a lot younger than we do now. God Bless Us Everyone! 

The Swank Family

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