January 20, 2019

Ice Fishing on Prior Lake

Ice Fishing on Prior Lake
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 20, 2019

The weather in Minnesota has finally become cold enough that the big ice houses are out on the lake and the really big trucks used to drag them out there are out there as well.

We are told that the ice is 15 inches thick which is plenty to drive on.  However, we are still always nervous to drive on the ice no matter how thick it is.  We roll down all the windows and open the sunroof to give us enough escape hatches just in case...

On Tuesday night, our friend Dan Walters told us he brought his new ice house out on Prior Lake near our house and told us to come out for a visit.  Avery hadn't gone back to college quite yet so we were more than happy to oblige.

We hadn't seen their new ice house yet, but were pretty impressed.  It seems to be quite a bit bigger than the last one they were using and had a lot of the comforts of home.  

We don't have our 2019 fishing licenses yet, so we weren't able to actually join Dan in his fishing adventure.  Sadly Dan didn't have much luck anyways and we didn't get to see any whoppers pulled out from the ice hole.  Stupid ice hole.

  Is that a UFO off in the distance?  Nah.  Just the big lights from Mystic Lake Casino piercing the night sky.

The one thing about having our boys go to school so close to home is they seem to come up with so many reasons to swing home for a night or two.  I think the fact that I'm always willing to take them out for another "Good-bye dinner" probably has something to do with it.

Jen and Dan invited us to their ice house again on Saturday night so Luke had a chance to go check it out as well.

Jen thinks Dan went a little overboard on the new heater he bought for the ice house.  It does make it pretty toasty warm in there!

I don't care that it snowed last night.  I'm sick and tired of posing for your pictures!

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