February 24, 2019

The Snowiest February in Minnesota on Record

The Snowiest February in Minnesota on Record
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for February 24, 2019

Miss Sheri and I were quite interested in this photo when we saw it.  As you can see from the title photo, we were attempting to capture me next to the tall snowbanks in our driveway.  For some reason, the first time we took it the camera captured these weird glitches that makes it look like my neighbor's house was being struck by lightning or something.  Not quite sure what causes a glitch like this, but do find it pretty cool.

Our Golden Retriever, Blue, has been pretty miserable the past 6 weeks or so.  The reason being is we hardly ever leave the house because the dang snow just keeps falling down on us.  This weekend we officially hit the Minnesota record for the snowiest February in history with a total of 31.5 inches since the month began.  We still have 4 days to go until the month is over so who knows what the final tally will be.  The previous record was 25.6 inches.  We are SOOO ready for Spring!

During the times it's not snowing, we have a stampede of animals hitting all of our feeders.  Our albino squirrel friends have been consistent visitors along with a bunch of beautiful birds.  They all need to stock up because they have to spend so many nights in hiding from the wind and snow. 

We do find them quite fascinating and love to observe them as they feast on our seeds.

The squirrels are relentless to get access to the so called Squirrel Proof bird feeders.

They're greedy little suckers and grab every bit they can carry!  Hold on to your tits.

Blue did have a little bit of joy in his life when we celebrated his 4th birthday.  I'm not sure if he completely comprehends the concept of birthdays, but he definitely understands the concept of muffins.

He was muffin drunk for the rest of the night.

On Friday, we hung out with Grandma Linda for 24 hours as she recovered from her eye surgery.  She was supposed to keep her head down the whole time, but she did take quick breaks for eating and pictures.  She had the patch removed the next morning and the doctor is quite pleased with her prognosis.  We're so glad she's on the mend and hopefully will eventually regain her full eyesight.  Thanks so much to all our friends who kept her in their prayers.

On Saturday night, we went to St. Mark's Catholic Church in Shakopee for their Winterfest celebration.

It's an event with games, songs, chants, a feast of German food and even polka dancing.  A good time was had by all!  

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