March 10, 2019

Spring is Coming 2019

Spring is Coming 2019
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for March 10, 2019

It has been a brutally long winter.  So far in 2019, we have had 32 days where the temperatures have been below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  We just came out of the snowiest February in recorded history for Minnesota.  Needless to say, when I heard we were expected to have another 12 inches of snow fall on us, I wasn't looking forward to it.  Lucky for us, we only had about 5 inches.  It did look really pretty on the trees when we woke up this morning.

Miss Sheri takes care of our driveway and it's been quite the chore the past few months.  I don't remember our pile ever being this high in the past.

I thought it would be fun to get the drone out to capture some aerial shots of the snow.  It was fun for awhile until the wind picked it up and almost carried it into the neighbor's snow covered tree.

My dog, Blue, has been acting like quite the victim lately constantly whining about not being able to go outside for runs.  He normally spends a lot of time in our backyard, but it hasn't been too pleasant trying to navigate the deep snow.

Sometimes he gets so frustrated, he tries to eat all the snow.  He barely makes a dent.

Sometimes he pouts and asks me to make all the snow go away.  I just tell him Spring is Coming.  It's kind of like our little play on Game of Thrones, but I swap out the word Spring for Winter.  he finds that hilarious.

When the temperatures warm up, I take him down to the lake so he can race the snowmobiles.  It was a balmy 28 degrees today and I swear it feels like a heat wave!!  Spring is Coming!!

Other fun things I did this week was going for a visit to our old friends on the Prior Lake High School Robotics team, KING TeC, at their annual robot reveal event.

This year's competition looks like it will be pretty challenging, but I was really impressed with the team's new robot they built this year.  It has an impressive arm that uses advanced programming techniques to place the discs and balls used in the competition.  I look forward to seeing how well they do this year.

We also fired up the Prior Lake Empty Nester Club again for the first time in a few months.  We were joined by some fun friends at Buffalo Wild Wings in Savage.  It's always good to get out of our igloos for awhile and go socialize again.

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