May 19, 2019

Not Today

Not Today
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 19, 2019

We've had an extremely busy week so not many fun pictures from the Swank household today unfortunately.  I have friends who make fun of me when I post pictures from the dogpark because they know I'm reaching for content for my blog.  I don't get it.  How could people not love seeing me and my beautiful dog Blue in various poses at the dog park?  I think each and every one of them are fascinating.

Both of our boys are officially home from college and settled back into their lives at home.  Now they won't leave their rooms until it's time to go back to school in August.

Of course I'm kidding.  We do take the occasional stroll across the street to the lake to take the dog swimming.  These pictures are also always amazing.

Luke's NBA dreams are still in full effect.  He has a ways to go talent wise, but I think his passion is definitely strong.

I'm still blown away every time I see a new kind of bird at the feeder that sits just beyond my desk where I work all day.  When I did a search for this guy, the description I get says he's an American Goldfinch.  The only problem is I swear I heard him have a slight British accent, so who knows.

The only sad thing at our house this week was one of our albino squirrels has discovered the hummingbird feeder.  He's become obsessed with it as we have witnessed him attacking it multiple times.  He's torn-off the yellow flower and ravenously sucks out the sugar water inside with a violent fervor.  Does anyone know if Alcoholics Anonymous accepts albino squirrels?

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