October 20, 2019

The Colors of Fall 2019

The Colors of Fall 2019
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for  October 20, 2019

Life has been relatively quiet lately.  We haven't been doing much for fun other than taking daily walks through the neighborhood and enjoying the colors of fall.  Sometimes this time of year can be a bit depressing as we see all the leaves falling, the days are getting shorter, and it is inevitable that Winter is Coming.  The colors sure are beautiful, though.

This log has been officially designated as a duck resting log until further notice.

This blue heron was protecting his log so no dang ducks would try to take it over.

The leaves were changing colors at Kona Grill also.  They are very pretty as well.

Luke came home from college this weekend which made for a pleasant experience for all of us.

On Friday night, we headed to the American Legion to hang out with our good buddies, Dan & Jen Walters.

Dan and I both love singing karaoke and yelling at each other when we have the microphone in our hands.  Not sure if anybody else enjoys it, but we sure have fun.

Who likes taking pictures with statues?  This guy!

We actually had beautiful weather this weekend.  It was almost 70 degrees outside which seems kind of crazy for October 20.  But I'm certainly not complaining.  Maybe winter will miss us this year?

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