November 10, 2019

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Golden State Warriors

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Golden State Warriors 
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for November 10, 2019

Miss Sheri and I thought it would be fun to go watch our favorite NBA team play on Friday night.

We received a couple free tickets for Miss Sheri's birthday from the team.  Turns out they weren't the greatest seats.  But we don't get to complain about a birthday gift from an NBA team so Thank You Very Much Timberwolves.

The Golden State Warriors were in town.  I wasn't expecting much of a game considering the fact that they are playing without their 4 best players from last season.  But they came in guns a blazing and almost walked out of the building with the victory.  Almost.

D'Angelo Russell appeared like he was going to be traded to the Wolves in the off-season but at the last minute he was traded to the Warriors instead.  I don't know if that put a fire in his belly, but he played out of his mind Friday night scoring 52 points in the game and almost leading his team to victory.  Almost.

This is Ryan Saunders first full season as our head coach.  We are rooting for Ryan to be successful because we were big fans of his father, Flip Saunders.  He's off to a pretty good start this year with a 4-3 record going into this game.

I was excited to see our new rookie, Jarrett Culver, who played for the Texas Tech Red Raiders last year and was the #6 overall pick in this year's draft.  I've heard great things about him.  He had only a couple of points this game, but I'm expecting big things from him in the future.

We always love rooting for our superstar Karl Anthony Towns even though I wish he didn't always be so straight faced all the time.  Show some emotion, man!

Actually, come to think of it, KAT shows a lot of emotion on the court.  I found it kind of funny going through our pictures of him it seems he has a crazy expression on his face in nearly every picture.  He gets into it!

Andrew Wiggins gets a lot of crap from the fans who don't believe he's lived up to his potential or his contract.  But he was in the zone on this particular evening finishing the night with 40 points.  We still love you, Andrew!

The halftime show was pretty neat.  This guy did all sorts of tricks with his big wheel thing that he had here.  It must be really tough to get that through baggage claim at the airport.

Everybody was excited about the Timberwolves.  At least they appeared to be.  I suppose like any job, some days you gotta fake the enthusiasm.  But if any of them were faking, I couldn't tell.  They seemed to be genuinely excited about the Timberwolves.

So the Warriors almost won, but in the end the home team prevailed by a score of 125-119.  Although they did have to go into overtime to seal the win.  In any case, we had a bunch of fun rooting them on.  

On Saturday, we took a bunch of boxes of old records to get shredded.  I never know how long to keep these things, but we figured 20 years worth of utility bills and medical records was too much crap to have jammed in the basement so it was time to do something about it.

We went to see Dave at Veteran Shredding in Burnsville.  He was about half the price of the UPS store and let us watch our stuff get shredded so we know it is destroyed.  Plus, Dave and his boys are all veterans so it was nice to give them the business.  If you're looking for shredding of your own, you should check them out.

It's getting really cold in Minnesota lately.  The windchill had it down to 20 degrees today and Alexa told us it would feel like 2 degrees later tonight!  That's too cold for this early in the year.   It's going to be a long winter! 

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