December 22, 2019

2019 Swank Family Christmas Letter

It’s the end of the Twenty Teens and we feel fine!

Todd & Sheri celebrated 25 years of marriage this year.  That means we’ve now written 25 different Christmas letters and have officially run out of clever things to say.  Our apologies for what is certain to be pure crap going forward.

Todd still works from home as a cloud solutions sales rep for Oracle.  When he’s not out visiting clients in a suit, he’s usually at home working in his underwear.  This wasn’t a big deal until Zoom video conferences started being a thing.  At first he was afraid of scaring customers, but now he’s developed a pretty good gig selling wiggle dances on the side.  It’s pretty lucrative.

 Sheri’s most significant accomplishment of 2019 was correctly identifying the Rottweiler on The Masked Singer as being Chris Daughtry.  We tried to tell her this wasn’t that big of a deal, but she keeps poking us all in the chests and exclaiming “Even the judges didn’t guess that one!”  Hopefully she stops rubbing it in our faces after the new year rolls around.

Avery is in his junior year at the University of Minnesota and doing well in his studies in computer science and works at Trimble as a software developer in his spare time.  He also lives in a fraternity house which we thought was cool until we stopped by to visit.  We forgot how disgusting bathrooms can be when they are utilized by dozens of young men.  

If I lived there, I’d never poop again.

 Luke is also a junior at Minnesota State Mankato and is doing well studying business.  He’s moved into his first apartment where he lives with a couple of good friends and a rowdy dog.  He’s still obsessed with fantasy sports, loud trash talking while playing video games, and sleeping in as late as humanly possible.    We’re hoping he can find a good job that accommodates those traits, but are having some challenges identifying exactly what that would be.

Our golden retriever, Blue, really hates the winter.  He’s so sick and tired of our excuses for not taking him out on walks any more. Every time we try to hold a conversation with him he just stares at us like he doesn’t know what we are saying.  It’s pretty sad.

 2019 was fine and we feel extremely blessed that we’ve made it through another decade of relatively good health and prosperity.  We are so thankful to have so many good friends and loving family in our lives.   

Our resolutions for 2020 are to get healthy and get our children financially independent.  This way we will have extra money to spend on getting unhealthy again.

God Bless Us Everyone!

  The Swank Family

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