February 16, 2020

My New Job at Stibo Systems

My New Job at Stibo Systems
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for February 16, 2020

I spent the whole week in Kennesaw, Georgia at the US headquarters for my new company, Stibo Systems.

I can't remember ever being this excited about a new job before.

It's a pretty unique company having been in business since 1794 and is part of a foundation owned by the country of Denmark.  Stibo Systems started as a printing house and has re-defined itself many times over the centuries.  Today, they are a leader in multi-data management software and have an amazing portfolio of customers who have been successful with their solutions including ADIDAS, Best Buy, Sony, Toyota, and many, many others.

I'm excited to share more with you about it over the coming weeks.

Here's a neat video that gives a high level overview of what we do:

Before I left for Atlanta, we had the opportunity to attend the going away party for the Bailey Family.  Mike, Kim, Madison, and Victoria are moving from Minnesota to Arizona.  While I can certainly understand the desire to get away from this weather, it's bitter sweet for us because we've been hooking up for fun times with them ever since we moved to Minnesota some 25 years ago.  Best of luck with your future lives, Bailey Family!  We will miss you guys.

On Saturday morning, my old buddy, Orlando Mazzolini, stopped by for a visit and to take me on one of our adventures, this time going for a trip to Mystic Lake Casino.  I always have fun hanging out with Orlando!

The weather was warming up into the twenties so we thought we should take Blue out to get some exercise.  He's been getting pretty surly being cooped up in the house during the arctic blast we've been experiencing the last week or so.

 Luke was in town to pick up a new suit we bought him so he can start going on interviews for an internship he's pursuing.  We hope the best for him in his pursuit!

 This good dog is turning 5 years old this week so we'll be sure to have some kind of blow-out for him to celebrate.  He deserves to party.

On Saturday night, we went to our good friends, Karl and Tina Zitzewitz's house for some excellent dinner and conversation.  Karl hasn't had a chance to show off his meat to me for awhile so he was pretty proud when the time came.  I must admit he had some really nice meat.

Karl and Tina have a new kitty cat which made for hours of entertainment chasing her around the house.  I'm not sure what she thought of me, but I tried getting down to her level so we could connect.

Good friends, good food, and good times!  All in all, it was a really nice night!   

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