December 27, 2020

The 2020 Swank Family Christmas Letter

Wow!  What an uneventful year it’s been.  It feels like we've hardly even left the house. 

The year started off for the Swank Family with a vacation to Disney World which frankly was quite terrifying.  It was the week the pandemic fears started becoming fully realized.  The NBA shutdown and Tom Hanks announced he would be doomed to what certainly would be a horrible death.  Every day became more stressful than the day before.

   We literally were cramped in a crowded queuing station at Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway when we heard the parks would shut down indefinitely in 2 days because they were too dangerous.  That’s a comforting situation when you’re shoulder to shoulder with sweaty strangers.  We are now used to the “New Normal” and insist we only focus on the positives we are gaining from the quarantine.  For example, we haven’t worn underwear since March.  What a feeling!

Some special birthdays happened this year with Todd turning 50 and Luke & Avery turning 21.  Since those kind of milestones are no fun during a pandemic, we decided to celebrate our 51st and 22nd birthdays instead.  We’re saving the good birthdays for next summer and then it’s going to be one heckuva hootenanny!

Sheri also hit a milestone this year by receiving the first stitches in her life when she slipped on a pile of acorns and tore her kneecap wide open.  She’s a nut!

Todd quit his job at Oracle and joined Stibo Systems selling Master Data Management platforms to large enterprises.  He’s not sure what that means either, but it sounds kinda cool.

Unbelievably, Luke and Avery are entering their final semesters of college and will be graduating in the spring.  Luke will earn a degree in finance and Avery in computer science.  Then they’ll need to find jobs so we can finally take them out to the woods and release them into the wild.  It’ll be hard, but good for ‘em.  

And what about Blue you ask?  Since we started walking 2 miles a day, he’s received more exercise the past few months than he’s ever had before.  He whines as we taunt him with made-up names we gave to the various animals seen on our usual route.   We gleefully point out critters like Big Guy, Little Guy, Mudder & Brudder, and his absolute favorite, Kitty.  We really miss being able to be with people.

Our goals for 2021 are to get vaccinated and then spend the rest of the year invading as many personal spaces as humanly possible.  Only then will things truly feel back to normal.  

God Bless Us Everyone!

The Swank Family

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