June 6, 2021

Swinging Into Summer


Swinging Into Summer

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for June 6, 2021

We hosted Luke & Avery's college graduation party on Friday night.  It was great seeing so many friends and family who stopped by to help us celebrate.  When we booked the party, we were still uncertain if we were going to have Covid restrictions in place, so it was  awesome to be able to have a normal party once again.

We held the party at the Savage Legion and were quite pleased with the food and the service.   We had a taco bar and it was pretty yummy!  I honestly could have dipped my whole face in the cheese dip, but it would  have probably given me a 3rd degree burn so I had to fight the temptation.

Krazy Kory came to town for the party so we spent all day Saturday on the boat with him and Harli.  It was hotter than a burning ember with temperatures reading over 100 degrees which is pretty unusual for Minnesota this early in June.  Lucky for us we could be in the water for much of the day.

Saturday night, we were joined by Ron & Kristie Myers and their 4 kids.  We took them to Kona Grill in Eden Prairie to get our sushi fix and it was delicious.  I sure do love them 'Bama Rolls!

We went to the new Scheels store so Ron could ride the Ferris Wheel.  He really loves that thing.

On Sunday, we took the Myers Family out on the boat to do some swimming and cruising.

The kids seemed to have a good time taking out our new "Lily Pad" for a spin.

I thought about joining them, but those Myers boys get a little rough so I thought I'd be safer to just stay on the boat.

Eventually a mama duck and her two babies came over to see what all the fuss was about and beg us for food.  

Ron and his kids were pretty impressed that the ducks and fish weren't scared to swim so close to them.  Hot dog buns and wheat thins have a tendency to make them pretty brave.

Ron's daughter, Alyssa, really wanted to see the turtles in mud bay.  We went there a couple of times but didn't have much luck.  I took this picture when we were out there on Memorial Day so I'm posting it for her to see.  Maybe next time we'll have better luck!

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