September 12, 2021

Edina Fall Into The Arts Festival in Centennial Lakes Park


Edina Fall Into The Arts Festival in Centennial Lakes Park
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for September 12, 2021

As one of my favorite shows used to say, Winter is Coming.  I love a lot of things about Fall including the changing colors of the trees, Halloween, and Football season.  However, one thing I don't really like is the inevitable cold weather that will hit Minnesota and also marks the end of boating season.  We are trying to pack in as much fun on the water as we can before our time is up for the season.

On Wednesday night, we invited the Korkowskis and the Walters over to come sailing away.  Although I don't think riding my boat can really be considered sailing since it has a motor and no big cloth thing that hangs up in the air to capture the wind.  However, I don't think Styx ever had a song called I'm boating away and I've really had a thing for Styx lately.  So I tell people to come sailing away even if technically that's not accurate.  I just hope they don't leave too disappointed because of my poor choice of words.

Ron is a good sport when I ask him to smile for the camera, but deep down I really don't think he enjoys doing it.  Miss Sheri is always willing to smile for me which probably helps explain why we've been married for so long.

Our last couple of visits to bird island have been a bit of a disappointment.  Most of our feathered friends have already flown south for the winter and there's only a handful of cormorants hanging around still holding down the fort.  All of the herons and egrets seem to have abandoned their nests.  You'd think there'd be some kind of airbnb thing happening to rent them out for cheap, but I guess birds just don't make great entrepreneurs.  Unfortunate.

We did see this heron hanging around the goop near our house.  Guess he didn't get the memo that it's time to get out of dodge.

We took a trip to Sweeney Park in New Market Township to check out their frisbee golf course which was nice.  It's a good family activity.

Who am I kidding?  It's a horrible family activity.  Mainly because like everything else lately, my family crushes me on the scoreboard.  It's really starting to give me a complex.  I mean how hard is it to throw a stupid little disc down a field of grass and stick it in the basket.  Yet they all seem to be able to do it better than I do.  There may also be some kind of collusion happening that I just haven't figured out.

On Saturday, we drove over to Edina for their Fall into the Arts Festival at Centennial Lakes Park.  We were excited to Art It Up.

I love going to art festivals.  I've always secretly wanted to be an artist myself, but haven't yet found my hidden talents where I can best express myself creatively.  I keep looking, but haven't found where they are yet.  But they're in there.  I'll find 'em.

A lot of other neat people have found their hidden talents though and put their creations out for the world to enjoy and purchase.  They had more than 225 exhibitors & artists there peddling their wares.  Photography, jewelry, pottery, sculpture and a bunch of other media were represented.  I love to see what people imagine & the handiwork they produce.  It's very inspiring for me.

Saturday night brought us back to the St. Croix River for dinner with friends.  It was a beautiful night in the seventies which is somewhat of a rarity in Minnesota in mid-September.  We'll certainly take it, though.

We had the opportunity to hang out with these cool cats as we cruised up to Hudson, Wisconsin for dinner.  It was relatively smooth sailing other than one set of errant waves that made some glass shatter pretty loudly and caused a couple of us to nearly tumble off the side of the boat into the river.  Karl quipped "I could only get reservations for 6, so 2 of you got to go!"

Parking on the pier was full, so Karl had to pull out his dinghy again which always makes the ladies smile.  

We dined at the Postmark Grille in Hudson which was quite pleasant.  We had some great appetizers, drinks, and the entrees were delicious.  I was also quite pleased with Miss Sheri who was feeling quite adventurous.  She tried clam & calamari when normally she shuns anything that close to seafood and also tasted their extra spicy buffalo sauce which is usually a big no-no.  It just always fills my heart with such joy when my wife is willing to experiment.

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