February 13, 2022

The Swans of Winter

The Swans of Winter
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for February 13, 2022

Temperatures in Minnesota have been miserable for weeks.  We haven't spent much time above 20 degrees at all lately and often are below zero with the wind chills.  Normally we'd be going on nature hikes this time of year, but don't like to do it when it's this cold.  So we stopped by Memorial Park in Shakopee to see how the ducks and trumpeter swans were doing.  

According to Three Rivers Parks, Trumpeter swans once nested throughout Minnesota, but were eliminated by early settlers who hunted them for feathers and food.  Conservation efforts have greatly restored their populations and we enjoy going to visit them from time to time.  We don't stay long, though, because it's just too dang cold!

I had lunch with a few of my old Oracle co-workers on Tuesday.  It's always good to see these crazy cats.

Miss Sheri and I celebrated 28 years of marriage this weekend.  We enjoyed a visit to Buca with the boys to mark the occasion.

We also hung out with our old buddies, Jen & Dan Walters.  We had pizza, beers and listed to some rock and roll music.

Good times in Minnesota.


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