July 24, 2022

A Weekend at Fish Lake


A Weekend at Fish Lake

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for July 24, 2022

I celebrated my 52nd birthday this week at Crave in the Mall of America.  My family came with me to join in the party and we had a bunch of fun.

On Thursday night, we went for a boat ride with our old friend, Heidi Wojahn.  

When I saw Heidi recently, she said she really wanted to see Bird Island on Prior Lake so I said I'd be happy to take her for a trip out there.  The lake is really shallow this year so it's a bit tough to get to but we made it without having to get out and push.

The last time we were out here, I remember the egrets and cormorants pretty much living in separate trees.  It's nice to see them getting along so well now and integrating their families into the same tree.  This is the way it should be.

We stopped by Charlie's on Prior for dinner.  It made for a very pleasant evening!

We drove up to Clearwater, Minnesota on Friday night to spend the weekend with our good friends, the Korkowski Family.  It was a weekend of swimming, playing games, and relaxing.  Just what the doctor ordered!

  The lake was called Fish Lake, but we didn't see any fish.  Did see this guy, though.  Maybe they should change the name to Loon Lake?

Ron spoiled us with breakfast from the griddle each morning.  Two flavors of hash-browns?  Yes, please.

Sue grew up in St. Cloud, so she took us for a tour of all her childhood favorite places on Saturday morning.  The Suer Tour brought us to the Munsinger Gardens next to the Mississippi River.  I'm still not sure what a Munsinger is, but it seems to make pretty flowers.

We liked the fountains.  And the benches.  And the sidewalks.  

We took a long dam walk to see the St. Cloud Dam.  It appeared to be broken.  We call that a dam disappointment.

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