August 14, 2022

12th Annual Savanah Bradshaw Memorial Golf Tournament


 12th Annual  Savanah Bradshaw Memorial Golf Tournament

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for August 14, 2022

On Thursday Night, Portia & Doc Vogt joined us for a boat ride.  It was a beautiful night to get out on the water.

Doc brought along a scuba system he and his brother designed.  It's basically a long hose attached to an air compressor which allowed him to explore Candy Cove.  He was able to search the bottom of the lake about 25 feet below the boat and see the exciting stuff down there.  He wanted me to give it a try, but I'm going to need to get some practice in shallower water first.

He pulled up some items that were covered in zebra mussels.  Prior Lake didn't have this invasive species when we moved here 21 years ago, but they're pretty much everywhere now.

We even made some new friends while we were out there.  At least I think we're friends.  It's possible they were just photo bombing me for selfish purposes.

We saw a pair of loons nearby, but they were being fussy about being photographed together.  Possible adultery going on there.

Miss Sheri and I traveled down to Clear Lake, Iowa on Saturday to volunteer at the 12th Annual Savanah Bradshaw Memorial Golf Tournament.  It's a fundraiser for local charities and we helped raise money by dealing blackjack and selling Jell-O shots.  

We were the only tent on the course selling booze, so Miss Sheri was quite popular with her customers.  I was dealing blackjack so the people who won seemed to like me, but the people who lost actually became a bit hostile towards me.  I'm starting to understand what it must be like to work in a casino.

It was fun seeing old friends throughout the day as they played two rounds for the tournament.

John and I are old buddies from high school.  It's been a few years since we've seen each other so we had a bunch of fun re-connecting and catching up on the good ole days.

Heather & Bobby were working another hole so we saw them at the beginning of the day and the end of the day, but not in the middle.  

There were 24 different foursomes playing in the tournament and it seemed like the play was pretty competitive.  We enjoyed the closing ceremonies and seeing the various winners receive their awards and prizes.

Jason & Julie Bradshaw were the hosts and put on a heck of a well run event.  We were extremely impressed.  They didn't miss a trick and had a variety of activities throughout the day to keep things interesting & exciting.  

Back home, Prior Lake is very shallow and launching the boat is getting to be extremely challenging.  So I have to help the boys when they take it out.  Which is fine with me because it gives me an excuse to take a picture of them and their friends before they go out for the day.  One of these days I hope I get invited to actually go out there with them!

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