November 27, 2022

Over the River and Through the Woods


Over the River and Through the Woods

Todd Swank's Diary Update for November 27, 2022

We didn't have a traditional Thanksgiving this year.  Due to the Vikings Game and work schedules, we had to delay our trip to Grandma's farm until the weekend.  We all discussed how we wanted to celebrate the holiday and pretty much unanimously agreed to eating at Benihana.  It's our favorite restaurant for celebrations.  Plus, I'm pretty sure I remember hearing in history class how much the Pilgrims enjoyed Teppanyaki style cooking back in the day. 

This is our second year being Minnesota Vikings season ticket holders and their first year ever to host a game on Thanksgiving Day.  It was a night game and the atmosphere was pretty electric.  Being the only nationally televised game that night probably contributed to the excitement level.

Miss Sheri joined me for the game.  Technically it was supposed to be Luke's game, but he had to work early the next morning and his mom was gracious enough to trade him for another one of her games.  I was excited for a fun date night with my wife and 66 thousand of our closest friends.

We were very excited to learn that Yung Gravy was going to be opening the show singing his hit song Betty (Get Money).  That song is my jam.  My lady jam.

I was a little nervous how the Vikings would perform after sitting through the brutal loss against the Dallas Cowboys in these same seats only 4 days earlier.  I worried they wouldn't be able shake off a 40-3 loss and prepare for a nationally televised game.

Bill Belichick and the 6-4 New England Patriots were in town and they have had our number in the past.  It ended up being a really exciting game and another nail biter going down to the wire.  We were thrilled when the Vikings pulled off a 33-26 victory and brought their record to 9-2 on the season.  Hopefully we're back on track for a good playoff run!

On Friday we drove down to Iowa to see Grandma on the farm.  We hadn't been here for awhile so it was great to get the chance to spend some time with Miss Sheri's side of the family.  Blue was also excited to see how many kitties we could find while we were there.  

It's always good to see Grandma Leona!  

We also enjoyed seeing Uncle Jerry, Aunt Laura, cousin Karli, and her friend, Marie.  We had spirited conversations during our meals together and competed in fun games against one another each night.  Good times!

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and wish you all a healthy and happy holiday season!!

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