January 8, 2023

A New Year of Too Much Snow

A New Year of Too Much Snow

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 8, 2023

2023 has started much like 2022 ended.  With too much dang snow.  Mother Nature dropped another 16 inches on us this past week and we already had a pretty good base to begin.  It's weeks like this that I'm really glad I work from home, but it sure does get old being stuck inside all the time.

We've had an interesting mix of wet heavy snow followed by extreme cold so the trees have a crunchy layer of snowy white crystals covering them like a frosty coating of ice cream.  They'd be beautiful to view if it wasn't so painful to go outside to do it.

On Friday night, Miss Sheri and I headed to downtown Minneapolis to watch our beloved Minnesota Timberwolves take on the Los Angeles Clippers.

It was bucket hat night, so we were thrilled to add a new fashion accessory to our wardrobes.  I can't imagine ever wearing them again, but they'll make a nice addition to our closets until we decide to throw them away a few years from now.

The Wolves have had an interesting year.  They pulled off a huge trade to land center Rudy Gobert in the offseason, but it hasn't quite translated to success yet.  They were 18-21 going into this game, but had won 2 in a row so we were hoping to see them add a 3rd win to the streak.

Our favorite player, Anthony Edwards, was in the game.  However, one of their other stars, Karl-Anthony Towns, has been out injured the past few weeks. 

Karl's dad was there even though his son wasn't playing.  He likes to sit courtside and jump in with the cheerleaders when they're throwing T-shirts out into the crowd.  During Karl's very 1st home game, we sat next to Karl Senior and he was very nice to us.  I don't think he remembers us, though, unfortunately.  I'd love to sit next to him again down on the court one of these days!

Anthony Edwards left the game early with some hip soreness.  The Clippers were playing without two of their stars, Kawhi Leonard & Paul George, as well so the game ended up being between a lot of bench players for the most part.

Lucky for us, Rudy had one of his biggest games in a Wolves uniform scoring 25 points and grabbing 21 boards.  The Wolves easily won the the game by a score of 128-115 and extended their win streak to 3.  And I had a new bucket hat!

Saturday night we connected with our buddies, the Walters Family.  We started out with some pizza at Turtles Bar & Grill in Shakopee.

We wrapped up the evening at Babe's Place with a raucous karaoke session. The joint was bumping and we had a blast wailing on the mic. If only I had a shred of musical talent, I could really shine at karaoke. But hey, I still love the microphone just as much as the next tone-deaf person!

Miss Sheri is a veritable vocal goddess, but getting her to perform is like pulling teeth. Luckily, I finally convinced her to take the mic and she treated us to a sultry cover of Adele's "Someone Like You". A few other ladies even joined in and turned it into a full-blown sing-along. Now if only I could persuade her to let me post the video online...

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