April 9, 2023

15 Glorious Minutes on Cocoa Beach

15 Glorious Minutes on Cocoa Beach

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for April 9, 2023

My job brought me to Cocoa beach, Florida this week.  I was in town for less than 24 hours, but I figured that I couldn't visit the town without taking a walk down to the beach.  When I left Minnesota it was 39 degrees and when I arrived in Florida it was 89 degrees.  I only had about 15 minutes to actually be here, but it was a glorious time while I was there.  I'm pretty sick of Minnesota's winter.

I had dinner with my manager, Jeremiah, and my customer, Troy, at Florida's Fresh Grill.  Troy lives in Cocoa Beach thus the reason for our visit.  I've never seen Troy wear anything other than a Hawaiian shirt in the year or so I've bene working with him  After spending the day here, I'm starting to realize that's a lifestyle I could really find myself getting behind.

I would have loved the opportunity to visit Kennedy Space Center while I was here, but didn't have the time.  At least my hotel had this guy in the lobby which gave me a little taste of what the experience would have been like.

After I arrived home Wednesday evening, we headed to downtown Minneapolis to make a special visit to Target Center.  It's playoff time and they had an open house to entice us into buying season tickets for next year.  They gave us the opportunity to shoot some free throws on the court and do a behind the scenes tour.  I didn't do so hot with the couple of shots I took which now makes me feel bad for all the times I've criticized my favorite players for missing too many simple free throws!

The kids joined us for the festivities.  It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours on an otherwise boring Wednesday night. 
@toddswank Target Center Ceilings #targetcenter #minnesota #timeberwolves #nba #ceilings #ceilingstrend ♬ original sound - Todd Swank

I tried to act out a recent TikTok trend on a whim while standing on center court.  One of these days I'll realize I'm not a teenaged girl, but until then I'll keep making these silly videos.


We bought tickets for the Timberwolves Play-In game, but since they won today they'll be traveling to play the Los Angeles Lakers instead.  If they win that game, they'll be in the playoffs and if they lose, they'll host a game here again on Friday.   

Let's go Timberwolves!!

We enjoyed spending some time in the player's locker-room.  It's a familiar site as we've watched many players being interviewed in here after games.  We even got to see where the players take their showers, but were discouraged by the staff from actually taking a shower while we were there.  I guess they have their rules.

We're babysitting Blue's mother and brother this week so we have golden retrievers galore all around us currently.

Mother Nature finally decided to stop messing with us and we saw temperatures creeping into the sixties this weekend.  We figured we'd better go see some nature while we had the chance.

We went down to the Landing in Shakopee because normally we see trumpeter swans in this area.  They've either left or haven't arrived yet.  The water seemed awfully lonely without them.  We'll try again in a week or two to see if we have better luck.

We did see this duck which I can't remember seeing before.  I looked online and it might be a muscovy duck, but I'm not sure.  Maybe one of you could help me to identify it?

We had a pleasant Easter Brunch this morning with Grandma Linda and Mike.  We hadn't been out with them for quite awhile, so it was nice to have this opportunity.  I hope you all had an incredible Easter holiday celebration!!

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