May 21, 2023

Springtime Fun! Boating, Bowling, Fishing & Golf


Springtime Fun!  Boating, Bowling, Fishing & Golfing
Todd Swank's Diary Entry for May 21, 2023

I had a 22 hour visit to California this week which didn't give me much time for sightseeing.  This was my view of the Bay Bridge during my Uber ride to my hotel.  Is it just me or does anyone else imagine a massive earthquake hitting while driving over bridges in California?  I'm kind of twisted that way.

I spent the night in Walnut Creek taking a prospect out to dinner.  We went to Fleming's which was great food.  It was a productive visit all the way around.

  I was able to spot Oracle's former headquarters in Redwood Shores shortly before landing in San Francisco.  It's a fun office to visit, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to do so this trip.  
Next time...

Friday night brought us to Shakopee Bowl and it was right up our alley.  We spared no moment for boredom.

Miss Sheri crushes me in most sports, so she was a bit surprised to find herself behind me going into the 10th frame.  I'll save one of us the embarrassment of sharing how her final rolls ended.

On Saturday, I took Luke and his buddies out on the boat to go fishing.  They're a good crew of dudes.

Bird Island was very active, but I'm still not seeing a lot of babies peeking out from the nests.  I guess the mommy and daddy birds are still trying to figure things out.  We need less flirting and more beak to beak action!

It was nice to see the turtles out in full force sunbathing.  It looked like there was a bit of a logjam on the old turtle turnpike.

   We didn't have much luck fishing, but Luke did spend an hour or so trying to land this monster.  Lucky for us it was a beautiful day, so nobody was too disappointed by our lack of results.

On Sunday, we connected with the boys for a round of golf at Cleary Lake Golf Course.  

It's pretty obvious that God didn't intend for me to be a golfer in life as my game continues to be pretty awful.  I used to think I had a chance to improve, but I'm starting to realize that every time I play I'm just making Him angrier and angrier.

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