January 15, 2012

Fun with Tim Ashland and the Hornbuckle Brothers at Babe's in Lakeville

Fun with Tim Ashland & the Hornbuckle Brothers at Babe's in Lakeville

Todd Swank's Diary Entry for January 13, 2012

We hadn't had a Boy's Night Out for awhile so Tim Ashland, the Hornbuckle Brothers, and I decided it was high time to do one.  We started off by playing cards at Tim's house.  After Chad won all of our money, we thought we'd have a much better time at the bar instead.

And we weren't disappointed!  Turns out, there was a giant bear at the bar!  And he had a pretty girl with him!  And she was giving out free samples!!  He was the nicest Bear I've ever met in my entire life!

Rockfist Rocked while we were there!  Even those of us who can't make a fist real well were allowed to rock with everyone else!  They were Equal Opportunity Rockers.

Jason and Tim kept each other entertained pretty much the whole night.

While Chad and I encompassed the Crippled Corner.  I didn't tell anybody else, but secretly I thought to myself that we were the coolest corner in the joint.  But I didn't want to brag about it or anything like that.

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